Dental Crowns in Park Slope, Brooklyn


What are the differences between CEREC crowns and Onlay and Inlay crowns? Onlay and Inlay crowns only partially cover and restore the tooth at 25-75%, whereas a CEREC crown (cap) is designed to fit the whole tooth, because it is shaped and sized to mirror the tooth's natural state. Both CEREC and Onlay crowns can be used for tooth strength that was compromised by a filling or there was a crack in he tooth. Also, people who's teeth have been worn down by constant grinding can have either or types of crowns, thus improving the overall strength of the tooth. The advantages of CEREC and Onlay crowns is that the patient is only required to visit the dental office just one time for approximately half an hour after meeting with Dr. Sarji of Park Slope. With these types of crowns, follow-up is not necessary. CEREC crowns and onlays closely resemble that of real teeth, due the fact that they the have look and an enamel that matches. CEREC crowns are completely metal free and do not need to be fused to the tooth as do porcelain metal crowns, and within an hour the process can be completed without having to come back for another visit. CEREC crowns and onlays is a much less aggressive and more conservative approach as compared to use of metal, that requires the tooth to be shaved in order to reduce the structure of the tooth to allow for the thickness of the metal. Preparation is far easier and much more gentle on the teeth by using CEREC crowns and onlays.

So how are CEREC crowns constructed?

The technology for CEREC crowns and onlays is revolutionary in how they are made, by using a high tech software called Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD- CAM). This computerized numerically controlled machine is able to match the color of the tooth to its exact specifications. Because CEREC crowns are extremely strong and durable there is less of a likelihood of them chipping or breaking. A beautiful smile can be achieved with the use of crowns. A patient may walk in to the office with misshaped or broken teeth, to walking out with confidence with a perfect looking set of teeth.

So what is the procedure for a CEREC crown?

At Advanced Gentle Dentistry of Park Slope, Brooklyn you will first meet with Dr. Sarji for an initial consultation to ascertain how to proceed further and determine the appropriate course of treatment, whether to place a crown or onlay or even just a filling. All depending on the health of the tooth structure. If only 25-75% of the tooth needs to be restored then an onlay or inlay can be placed; however, if the entire tooth needs to be protected and restored, then a crown will need to placed. In numerous cases, CEREC Onlay will be used being the less aggressive approach as opposed to a full crown. Why? because it causes less trauma to both the tooth and its structure. The beginning of the preparation starts with Dr. Sarji administering an anesthetic in order to remove any weakened or decayed parts of the teeth. Then Dr. Sarji will take an optical impression of the prepared tooth. The digital image of the tooth taking only a few minutes averts the use of a tray that you at one time, bite in to.

There is no need for temporary crowns by using CEREC crowns.

To make a digital restoration of the tooth, Dr. Sarji will use the CEREC crown. This 3-Dimensional (3-D) software takes the picture, then is placed on the computer screen, after which the digital picture is converted in to a 3-D model. Thus, the CEREC machine helps the dentist to create the restoration of the tooth by virtue of this 3-D software having being converted in to 3-D model. After the CEREC machine has helped Dr. Sarji create the restoration, after taking the digital picture and converting it in to a 3-D virtual computerized model. Dr. Sarji with the exact requirements will proceed by adding a ceramic block to a milling machine where by it will match the color of your tooth to the exact specifications. This process will only take around 20 minutes and then your new ceramic crown will be ready to be fitted. Dr. Sarji will then place the new crown on top of the existing damaged tooth, he will make then make sure it is fitted properly and that the bite and fit is correct, after which it is ready to be polished. CEREC crowns can help (by the way it covers your tooth) preserve the natural bone structure of the tooth. Please contact Dr. Sarji at Advanced Gentle Dentistry of Park Slope, for further information and to make an appointment that could change your smile and your life!